2019 Scheurebe


2019 Scheurebe, Alexander Valley

Our 2019 Scheurebe comes from just two tiny rows in the East corner of Alexander Valley under Geyser Peak.  My friend got the cuttings years ago from the Roter Hang in the Rhine region of Germany.  This past harvest I was finally able to make a Bannister Scheurebe.

Harvest Date: September 22, 2019
Tonnage and production:  1.1 tons, 70 cases

Cellar and tasting notes:  Our Scheurebe was made by allowing a little extra skin contact.  I treaded the picking bins on the morning the fruit was picked.  This purposefelly broke a lot of the berries and allowed for some juice to skin contact in the bins.  Twenty four hours later it was pressed to tank.  The idea is that there’s a little bit of extra structure in the wine.  I like this even in delicate wines because it creates a nice counter balance to fruit elements and increases the the range of foods that the wine pairs well with.

Scheurebe is known for black currant aromas and flavors.  They are definitely present, but this isn’t a one dimensional wine.  I was able to get stone fruit and citrus flavors, and there is a nice creaminess to it that provides for some length on the palate.  This 2019 Scheurebe has a beautiful floral nose as well, and given it’s rarity in the US, this bottling is unique and captivating in the context of domestic white wines.

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